Celebrate the Wild West at Big Bear Lake

Howdy there partner! The Big Bear Frontier Lodge welcomes locals and visitors alike for the 12th Annual Big Bear Cowboy Gathering! The Cowboy Gathering will take place August 18- 21, 2011. We are looking forward to a great event with top cowboy entertainers!

Big Bear Cowboy Gathering Info

The Big Bear Cowboy Gathering is a celebration of western heritage and cowboy life through performances in cowboy poetry and music.  Check out this year’s lineup of cowboy artists, featuring R.W. Hampton, the #1 Cowboy Entertainer in the USA and the UK!

Big Bear Cowboy Gathering
Courtesy of BigBearCowboyGathering.net Photo by: Morgan Seaman
  • R.W. Hampton
  • Richard Elloyan
  • Belinda Gail
  • Dennis Gaines
  • Nancy Lee
  • Sourdough Slim
  •  Dianne Tribitt
  •  and more!

What a great lineup!

The Big Bear Cowboy Gathering is a non-profit corporation which sponsors a $1000 scholarship to a deserving student at Big Bear High School, and supports the Big Bear Valley Education Trust.  The Cowboy Gathering also offers a collectors pin made of hand tooled sterling silver and gold for $30. This price includes many VIP events and perks.  For more event information, tickets, and the lineup schedule please visit www.bigbearcowboygathering.net.

Cowboys Welcome at Big Bear Frontier Lodge

The Big Bear Frontier Lodge provides guests with a hint of authentic western frontier culture, such as our Wooden Frontier Wagon, which will take you back in time to the Wild, Wild West!  Whether you are looking to live luxuriously in a five-bedroom cabin or in a romantic lakefront cabin with a personal Jacuzzi and beach, or to simply just post for the night in our beautiful lakeside hotel, we have accommodations for any size group of cowboys at the Frontier!  Hi Ho Silver, pets are also allowed at the Frontier Lodge!

Book your cabin now for the 12th Annual Big Bear Cowboy Gathering!

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