HWY 330 to Big Bear Opens Today!

CalTran announced today that Highway 330, closed since part of the road washed out during torrential rains last winter, will reopen today, June 17, at 4:00 p.m. Original estimates were for an October reopening; however, the hard work and dedication of the folks at CalTran has opened the road much sooner.

CA Highway 330
Scene from last October after torrential rains washed out Highway 330

Our sincere thanks go out to them! Personally I did not realize how much I missed driving down Highway 330 until I was able to drive it over Memorial Day weekend. The road has been closed for the past 6 months and was open temporarily for holiday weekend travelers, then closed again while they finished the repairs. Today they will cut the ribbon for the grand reopening.

Highway 330 saves at least thirty minutes over the other routes in and out of Big Bear. The route has always been the front way and the favorite way to travel by locals and visitors. We’re glad and thankful to CalTran for getting such a difficult repair job finished in such a short time.

How many of you travel Highway 330 regularly for work or to visit Big Bear? How much time will this save on your commute?


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