Big Bear This Week

Talk about a four season vacation resort! Just as the snow retreats and the skiing season winds down, Big Bear Lake opens for spring water sports including fishing, boating, and waterskiing. The lake is high and full of trout for some good fishing.

The weather will be in the 50’s most of the rest of this week. The forecast is for some showers and, yes, still some snow this weekend (in case you haven’t put away your skis just yet). Come on up and enjoy the best of both seasons in a Big Bear Cabin.

For a special treat see flowers bloom as they poke up from out of the snow!  This is a great time of year to visit Big Bear because if you can’t decide between fishing and skiing you can just do both!  And of course, after a day of fishing or skiing you can always relax by the lake.

Fishing on Big Bear Lake

Fishing on Big Bear Lake


About bigbearfrontier

Nestled among the giant pines, our comfortably shaded resort stretches from Big Bear Boulevard to the water’s edge of the lake. We have everything from jacuzzis to fireplaces with views of Big Bear Lake.
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