Why California is the ‘Most Dog Happy State’

California is a sought after travel destination among celebrities, surfers, wine sippers, adventure seekers and, now, the very hairy, four-legged loves of our lives — our dogs.

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Ranked as the “Most Dog Happy State” for 2015, California is the perfect place to bring your dog on vacation.

Explore California with your Dog

From dog-friendly accommodations to endless opportunities for outdoor adventures on the water, their is not happier place for you and your dog to vacation than the Golden State of California.

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Start your trip to the “Most Dog Happy State” with hiking, swimming, boating and fishing in Southern California outside of Los Angeles on Big Bear Lake. There you will find dog-friendly activities along the lake and various mountain ranges including .

Stay in Dog-Friendly Accommodations

Looking for a place to stay? At Big Bear Frontier, we welcome dogs and their owners to vacation together on the water. We offer dog-friendly waterfront cabins along Big Bear Lake in Southern California; and trust us, on the water is where you and your doggy want to be, especially on the weekend.

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Enjoy Dog-Friendly Activities on the Water

Beyond California’s 900 miles of Pacific Coastline are a buffet of freshwater lakes, rivers and mountain streams, ideal for fishing, fetching, boating, swimming, doggy paddling and digging ashore.

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Other popular water activities include canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding. You can even try the downward dog together with paddle board yoga, also known as SUP Yoga. Summer is the best season for dog-friendly activities on the water in California.

Walk on Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails

“Walk” is at the top of every dogs vocabulary. In fact, it might beat out “treat” in a toss up for favorite word in the doggy dictionary. Luckily for your dog and your cardiovascular health, California is full of fantastic walking and hiking opportunities on trails located near Los Angeles along Big Bear Valley. Hiking is a seasonal activity, perfect for summer, fall and end of spring visitors.

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The San Bernardino National Forest

Starting along the mountain peaks of The San Bernardino Mountains, you will find panoramic views of the Mojave Desert, Baldwin Lake, Mount San Gorgonio and, of course, Big Bear Lake. Trails to try with your dog include:

  • Bertha Peak
  • Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Delamar Mountain
  • Sugarlump Mountain

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Big Bear Valley

Trek your way along scenic mountain trails on Big Bear Valley, Southern California’s most popular place for people and their pups to hike. The Pacific Crest Trail is the most noteworthy trail on Big Bear Valley. Other trails to try include:

  • The Woodland Interpretive Trail
  • Pine Knot Trail
  • The Town Trail
  • Cougar Crest Trail
  • Castle Rock Trail
  • Champion Lodgepole Trail

You can hike any of these dog-friendly trails by accessing the Big Bear Valley Trails Map. Just don’t forget to pack water, snacks and doggy treats!

Plan Your Visit to the “Most Dog Happy State”

The possibilities for dog-friendly fun never end in California. Are you ready to start planning your visit to the “Most Dog Happy State?” Start you adventure on Big Bear Lake.

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Click here to book your stay, today! We look forward to seeing you and your pup at Big Bear Frontier.

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