Summer is Coming!

Flyboarding on the lake.
Up, up, and away!

No, it really is not too early for us to start discussing Memorial Day. The first summer blockbuster comes out this weekend, the lake is filling up with paddleboarders and fishermen, and people are starting to train for all of the 5Ks, 10Ks, and marathons that will be going on all summer. Another event that indicates to us that Memorial Day is coming is all of the businesses that are fully opening up for the summer and have put away their heavy winter gear in favor of lighter fabrics for the warmer weather. What are people getting ready for now? Glad you asked…

A Whole New Mountain

Snow Summit Bike Park
Wait a minute…those aren’t skis!

We are always looking to Snow Summit for winter festivities. This summer, Snow Summit wants to make a mark as a year-round destination. They have launched a new summer website and Facebook page, and have created a bike park to play on. It is only open on the weekends at the moment, but it will be open all week starting June 13th. The driving range is currently open for getting the rust off and practicing your drives while you set your tee times, starting May 16th, for the season. Mothers who came up last weekend were also able to enjoy the Scenic Sky Chair, hiking trails, and even a bite at The View Haus before they headed back down the mountain. Have you been up the mountain yet for the summer?

The Lake Is Open

Big Bear lake is more than just a great place to go fishing. You will see plenty of people out there trying a wide variety of other sports. Have you tried paddleboarding? Those are the people out on the lake standing or kneeling on what looks like a surfboard. It is a chance to get some exercise on the calm lake and explore some of the places where no boat can go. You can rent the equipment from Pine Knot Landing, Big Bear Marina, and many other places around the lake. If that is not how you want to get out on the lake, you can ride on one of the paddle boats like the Miss Liberty or the Big Bear Queen. There is no need to be on the lake to enjoy it. Action Aqua Flight can help get you ABOVE the lake. It is like being your own water powered Iron Man. There is also some parasailing to be done around the lake if the mood strikes you, courtesy of Big Bear Parasail.

Memorial Day Festivities

Big Bear Lake Solar Observatory
The First StarLight Festival is coming to our lake. Will you be there?

Summer starts Memorial Day weekend. There will be the links, trails, and lake available, as well as some special events for the weekend. The First Annual StarLight Festival will be taking place that weekend, helping all of us understand the importance of space science and astronomy. There will be speakers, hands-on events, and fun for all who attend. Those of you looking for more earthly, yet still mentally stimulating, pursuits can check out the Big Bear Valley Historical Society, which opens for the season that weekend. You can also take part in what brought people to Big Bear in droves in 1859: panning for gold at the Big Bear Discovery Center. You can also find shiny objects (without digging in the ground!) by going to the Antique Car Club Show at Big Bear Snow Play on May 25th.

This summer is going to be a busy one, and we encourage you to reserve your room at Big Bear Frontier early. We have some great rooms on the lake and near the lake, with great access to the Village or any other piece of Big Bear you want to go. You are always just a short drive away from cool mountain air, challenging trails, and a calm lake you can frolic in. See you all summer long!

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