Running At New Heights – What to do at Big Bear Lake

This is the cleanest your running shoes will ever look.
This is the cleanest your running shoes will ever look.

The great outdoors! There are many reasons to come up to Big Bear Lake for the weekend, and getting out into nature is one of them. Fitness is a big hobby here in the mountain air. Athletes have been coming up here for years for either the benefits of high altitude training and running where there is great air and stunning views. There are bonuses to running at 7,000 ft., like increased lung capacity and better use of oxygen. Though it seems like a pretty simple thing to do, running for exercise requires preparation and equipment, especially if you are going to run a 5K (or more).

It looks like gorgeous running weather for the next week, so let’s get ready!

Big Bear Lake Weather

Thursday, June 19– High 76°, Low 44°
Friday, June 20 – High 77°, Low 45°
Saturday, June 21 – High 77°, Low 47°
Sunday, June 22 – High 76°, Low 47°
Monday, June 23 – High  76°, Low 48°
Tuesday, June 24 – High 78°, Low 51°
Wednesday, June 25 – High 82°, Low 54°

On Your Marks, Get Set…

Running does take a bit of preparation, so here’s how to get ready to run in the mountains at Big Bear Lake.

  1. Gear Up:  If you are planning on doing serious and sustained running, you will want to invest in good shoes and clothing. Find a store that has a knowledgeable staff about running shoes, and they will get you in the best pair for your foot type. Invest in some good running clothes too – plain cotton clothes will absorb water, do not breathe well, and could lead to chafing and blisters. And ladies, make sure you invest in a quality sports bra as well.
  2. Stretch – Warm up! Before you get out on the course, make sure your muscles are as ready as your mind is. Spend about ten minutes getting your legs ready, from your ankles all the way up to your hips. At the end of your run, spend about five minutes stretching and cooling down. Staying flexible is important to avoid injuries while you are running.
  3. Start Slow. Find a pace that is right for you. When you start, alternate between walking and running in one to two minute intervals. As you begin to develop you can run for longer intervals, eventually getting to the race distance you are looking for. Walking when you are exhausted is not cheating! As long as you are out there, you are doing it right.
  4. Eat hearty. Running is not an excuse to eat as much as you want. But if you are going to start building muscle and run longer distances, you’ll need to start upping the fuel you put in your tank. More protein, fruits, vegetables, and complex carbs will help you stay energized for your runs as well as promote muscle growth.
  5. Hydrate. Despite popular opinion, you do not get stitches in your side or cramps from drinking water while you run. You should be drinking water, or something to replenish the liquids and minerals you are losing, while you are out. Avoiding hydration on longer runs could lead to dehydration or heat stroke.
  6. Rest up. Building muscle requires your muscles to tear as you are using them, and having rest days lets your muscles heal up a little. In the long run, you will be able to run for longer intervals and longer distances.
  7. Shock it! Mix up your workouts. On the days you are resting your legs, weight lift, go swimming, do some yoga, change up your routine. Total body fitness will help you avoid major injuries as well as minor aches and pains in muscles you don’t think you are using.

Ready to start? The third leg of Conquer the Bear is coming September 7. Endure the Bear has runs for every age and skill range. With the addition this year of a 5K fun run and triathlon, we think we are going to see many more runners this year. Reserve your room early to make sure you have a comfortable place on the lake to relax after all that fresh air.


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