Of Trout and Terror – What to do at Big Bear Lake

Rainbow Trout
They are in the lake…waiting…watching…

There are two lines in the story Knock by Fredrick Brown that have been identified as the shortest horror story ever written: “The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.” We are still a long way off from Halloween, but the fear and the fun will be tangible at Big Bear Lake next weekend as we welcome the SoCal Horro-Fi Festival to town. While you’re here for the festival you can also get out on the lake, as the most highly anticipated fishing tournament of the year returns to the lake next weekend. There are some big trouts, and prizes, tagged and swimming in the lake. Fortunately, after a brief flash of winter this week, the weather is not going to be nearly as scary for the weekend.

Big Bear Lake Weather

Thursday, May 9– High 59°, Low 37°
Friday, May 10 – High 67°, Low 43°
Saturday, May 11 – High 73°, Low 45°
Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12 – High 78°, Low 46°
Monday, May 13 – High  80°, Low 46°
Tuesday, May 14 – High 77°, Low 43°
Wednesday, May 15 – High 74°, Low 41°

The Granddaddy Fishing Tournament of Them All

When you talk about fishing tournaments at Big Bear Lake, one comes to the top as THE tournament to compete in: The Jim Hall Memorial May Trout Classic, which is the weekend of May 18 and 19, 2013. There are plenty of big prizes available, including a $10,000 prize for catching a tagged trout using Pautzke Fire Bait, sponsored by Holloway’s Marina and our neighbors Big Bear Sporting Goods. Entrants will have all day Saturday and half of the day Sunday to catch their trout, with an award ceremony immediately following. There are even kid’s divisions, so the whole family can participate!  A third of the entry money raised goes to stocking the lake with great trout to catch and maintain the fish levels in the lake.

Horror in the Spring

We are used to gripping the edges of our seats with movies in October and a short burst in February. This year, the SoCal Horro-Fi Festival is going to give you a reason to feel cold chills in May. There will be a horde of new movies for you to devour, including an exclusive screening of The Employer, starring science fiction and horror great Malcolm McDowell. The films will range from innovative and new to classic monsters and mayhem. There will be a few documentaries about zombies and monsters, and a 25th anniversary special screening of Pumpkinhead out on the lake. Friday night will include a VIP after party to the sixty five lucky people to have one of those passes. Delightful food, wicked bands, and industry vets will be out telling strange but true stories around a camp fire. The party will be hosted at the Black Diamond Tavern. The dark will be the place to be that weekend!

One thing we are very afraid of is that our cabins and motel rooms will be sold out for next weekend, so make your reservations today. We still have some rooms for Mother’s Day as well, in case you want to enjoy the Village and the lake this weekend. Pay attention to this space the week of May 20th, just in case something bigger and more sinister than a trout is caught. Happy Mother’s Day, and have a wonderful weekend!


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