Walk or Ride the Mountain Trails in Big Bear

The temperatures have cooled off but there’s no snow in the forecast yet. Now’s the perfect time to enjoy the cooler autumn weather by hiking or riding one of our many trails in Big Bear. Whether you are a on a two wheeler, a 4 wheeler, or want to achieve some milestones in mountain climbing, Big Bear offers some fantastic trails.  Here’s a fun fact: visitors to our forest outnumber Yellowstone and Yosemite combined!

The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation works to continuously improve our hiking and riding trails – they make our awesome trails even better.

mountain view Big Bear Lake
Big Bear Mountain view courtesy of Roebot on Flickr

Big Bear Seven Summits Challenge

Many of our visitors are here to take the Seven Summits challenge.  The Seven Summits of Big Bear was inspired by the Seven Summits of the world, which include the highest elevations points of the seven continents of the world.  In fact, Big Bear’s own Jordan Romero, snow board champion, has climbed some of these mountains.  Romero puts Big Bear on the map with his snow board championships and is a great source of word of mouth advertisement, as he very often is quoted extolling the virtues of Big Bear hiking.

If you’re interested in taking the Seven Summits Challenge they include:

  • Gray’s Peak (7920 feet)
  • Bertha Peak (8201)
  • Gold Mountain (8235 feet)
  • Delamar Mountain (8308 feet)
  • Butler Park (8535 feet)
  • Sugarloaf Mountain (9952 feet)
  • San Gorgitio (11,502 feet)

Many of the locals love the challenge! I hear them excitedly discuss climbing those mountain trails and getting signed up for their next climb.

Have you climbed any of the Seven Summits?  Tell us about your adventures!


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