Top 3 Best Coffee Shops in Big Bear

It’s Caffeine Awareness Month and there’s no better place to get your caffeine fix than Big Bear Lake. Looking for that awesome Cup of Joe to jump start your day so you can focus on skiing, boating and fishing in Big Bear? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with the top 3 best coffee shops in Big Bear.

cup of coffee in Big Bear
Looking for the best coffee in Big Bear? We’ve got you covered with the top 3 best coffee shops.

Best Coffee and Cooking

If you are looking for a quaint coffee shop in Big Bear, stop into The Copper Q. This place has everything you need, whether that is a hot cup of coffee or tea along with a full menu worth exploring for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Copper Q also offers free cooking demonstrations in an open style kitchen, which allows patrons to observe and interact with the chef. Each class includes a cooking demonstration, samples of featured dishes and recipes to take home. Don’t forget the homemade marshmallows and other desserts to accompany your coffee or hot chocolate after a day of skiing on the slopes.

Coffee, Breakfast and “The Blob”

Top 3 Best coffee shops in Big Bear
Guess what goes well with coffee in Big Bear? A hearty breakfast and dessert.

If you need more than a caffeine kick before hiking or fishing, Grizzly Manor Café has you covered as a top coffee spot in Big Bear. The café has the feel of a small old school diner with dollar bills and sticky notes plastered on the walls. The menu offers all the comfort morning food one could crave. The pancakes are bigger than the plates they are served on and you can custom build your own omelet. The most famous and talked about breakfast offering is “The Blob.” The Blob is two biscuits with gravy and cheese, bacon and two eggs on top. Good luck trying to finish it.


Try Teddy Bear as a Top Coffee Shop

Established in 1944, the Teddy Bear Restaurant is a cozy diner with a large bar-type seating area to enjoy a great cup of coffee. Here you can enjoy traditional hearty breakfast cuisine, such as the Farmers Breakfast along with non-traditional items, like cinnamon cornbread. The dinner menu makes way for traditional comfort foods like chicken pot pie, pot roast and ground beef steak. The Teddy Bear isn’t just a top coffee shop, it’s also known for its homemade pies. So live a little and order a slice of pie with your Cup of Joe before you head back to your cabin.

coffee in Big Bear
There’s plenty of places to get a caffeine pick me up in Big Bear.

Now that we have your java juice options covered for National Caffeine Month, make your reservation today for your Big Bear cabin or luxury hotel room and enjoy the Top Coffee Shops in the area!

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