Where to Find the Best Views of Big Bear

Jaw-dropping views. That’s what’s in store for you at Big Bear Lake while you’re enjoying skiing, fishing, hiking and more. If you’re looking for the best and most beautiful views of Big Bear any time of the year, we’ve got you covered.

Boulder Bay Park overlooking Big Bear Lake. There are mountains in the background covered in trees.

Boulder Bay Park

Most residents and visitors say Boulder Bay Park has the best universal views of Big Bear. It’s also known as the best overall spot for the most scenic view of Big Bear Lake. Whether the kids are playing in the snow or running through the park, there are plenty of spaces to find a tranquil spot and capture scenes of Big Bear in all its glory year-round. The park also has a small dock to walk out on Big Bear Lake and take pictures of the lake, rock formations and the mountains. It’s also an excellent spot for nature watching, fishing and seeing a fabulous sunset over the lake. The park is free, has tables for picnics and public bathrooms too.

Castle Rock Trail at Boulder Bay

What’s the result for hiking the relatively moderate 1.5 mile Castle Rock Trail? Breathtaking views, of course. Once you make it to the top of the rocks at the end of the beginner trail, take a deep breath of fresh mountain air and take in the sights and sounds of the mountains, trees, and Big Bear Lake below. Get there early. Parking for this trail is limited, and the spaces fill up quickly. Bonus perk? This year-round trail is open to bikers and dogs too.

Cougar Crest Trail

You have to work a bit harder for an incredible view of Big Bear from this trail. Cougar Crest Trail is for intermediate to advanced hikers. The 2.5-mile trail will give you a workout that ends in amazing views, allowing you to take a breather while reveling in the scenery. The first mile is a gentle uphill climb that gets more difficult during the second mile. The stopping point puts you out on the famous Pacific Crest Trail, where you can keep hiking or enjoy wide-open spaces and sweeping views of Big Bear Lake and the surrounding mountains. 

View From Big Bear Lake

No workout necessary to enjoy the great views of Big Bear Lake! Take a tour of the lake on a paddlewheel boat tour or enjoy a sunset cruise right on the lake as you gaze at the natural beauty from the sparkling water.

Dining With a View

Does all this sightseeing have you hungry? There are plenty of places to grab lunch or dinner that also include sweeping views of Big Bear. The Pines Lakefront offers great food and waterfront views of Big Bear Lake. Looking for comfort food as you head to enjoy the scenery? Grizzly Manor Café is known as the place to go for great food in the mountains. It’s centrally located right near the trails, parks and recreational amenities.

All that’s left to do is make a reservation for a comfortable cabin or motel room at Big Bear Frontier. Remember to check out our current specials, so you can get the most out of your stay. 

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